Modern Foreign Languages
The MFL curriculum at our school aspires to initiate a positive attitude towards another language, to help the children express different ideas effectively and to develop an enjoyment for learning other languages and about other cultures. It also aims to improve intercultural understanding in an increasingly globalised world.
We offer French across KS2 learning through songs, stories and rhymes to begin with. Pupils then progress to learning a range of vocabulary that they can use in verbal and written sentences. Cultural understanding in a key part of the programme exploring artists, musicians and food as well as looking at the geography of the country.
Please follow this link to have a look at what the government wishes us to teach:
Ambition- What are we aiming for children with SEND to achieve in this subject?         Access- What amendments are made to              the subject in order to help children with              SEND to achieve?
  • Children with SEND should have an enjoyment in learning more about other cultures
  • Children with SEND should feel empowered to explore their identity in a community with people from different backgrounds
  • SEND children are taken into account during the planning process so that different media can be considered in the learning process such as songs, story-telling, games, acting, videos etc